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OMGZ im new.

1. name Hope Marie
2. age Eighteen
3. location Carrollton, Georgia (State University of West Georgia)
4. 10 + bands Def Leppard, Weezer, the Donnas, Story of the Year, Letter Kills, My Chemical Romance, STYX, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Eat World, KISS, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
5. what makes you "preppy x core" material? Cute. Preppy. Core. Etc.
6. something interesting about yourself I have a blue eye and a green eye and a "Gene Simmons" tongue.
7. signifigant other [pic?] Jason Patrick (four months):
8. 3 books The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, Terilyn by Milton Earle, and Anything by James Patterson
9. 4 movies Dirty Dancing, Requiem for a Dream, Urban Cowboy, Donnie Darko
10. why do you want to be here? I was asked to be here... oh, and cute community name/idea... could be big.
11. why should we accept you? I'm going to make you beautiful with banners and such.
12. 4 + clear pictures

1. preppy x core American Eagle/Vintage Beauty
2. gay AFI
3. hotties Dan Marsala, lead singer of Story of the Year
4. love , aka Drew, my best guy friend and the secret love of my life
5. sunglasses Claires. Cheap and cute.
6. ashlee simpson Milli Vanilli. Rockin' the jig.

1. song lyric && why? say it ain't so, your drug is a ♥breaker, say it ain't so, my love is a lifetaker : Weezer: Blue Albumn, "Say It Ain't So"...fantastic song/albumn. The lyric describes my relationships in life perfectly.
2. quote && why Hope for tomorrow. Always hope for tomorrow and make the best of it. It's really all you have.
3. way to express yourself Writing and photography.
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