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Age- 15
Location- Lake Orion, MI
Dating Status- single
Race- american
Hobbies- writing poems, listening to music, hanging out with friends
Gender- female (XX)

Show- clarissa explains it all/ boy meets world
Band- pink floyd
Movie- half baked
Actor- johnny depp
Actress- nicole kidman
Book- flowers for algernon
Clothes brand- i make my own/salvation army
Lipgloss- smackers
Makeup Line- mayballene
Store- best buy
Magazine- cosmopolatin


britney spears/christina aguilera:
christina aguilera
abercrombie/american eagle: abercrombie
paris/nikki hilton: paris hilton
story of the year/yellowcard: story of the year
piercing/tattoos: piercings

Name a song(not lyrics) that means alot to you for any reason.
dying in new brunswick- thursday
Name 3 of your pet peeves? immaturity, bad hygene, hate
If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring? music, pen&paper, gun
What do you think of the community? it looks cooool, and it says "are you fetch enough" automatic wanna join feeling
Why do you want to join the community? why not!??
What's your favorite type of music- "alternative", ROCK N ROLL
If you could be anyone(dead or alive), who would you be? paris hilton- everyone wants to bone her
What is your best peronality trait, and worst personality trait? best- im out going, worst- im out going
favorite quote?
I live to like you, and I can't like you anymore. So when you get your heart splattered all over hell and you're feeling really low and dirty, don't run to me to help pull you back up because, maybe, for the first time in your life, I won't be there. - pretty in pink

What do you like most about yourself? my laugh
what do you least like about yourself? my face
Most romantic thing that has ever happend to you?on the phone, and we hung up and he didnt say i love you, and then he called back said i forgot to tell you i love you an hung up, even though we were going to see eachother in 5 minutes
What's one thing you can't live without? my bestfriend

please post atleast 1-3 pictures of yourself

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