Hope Marie (colormestellar) wrote in preppyxcore,
Hope Marie


I spent Thanksgiving at my boyfriend's house, metting his large-ass amount of Alambama folk and then at my house with my family for Thanksgiving... and then went to a hockey game because hockey rules.

Random pictures I took throughout the day.

Lexi, my boyfriend's five year old cousin. She's beautiful and such a darling. I really wanted to take her home with me.
What kids do while the family makes the food.
Pudge is the two year old and she's with her sister Lexi. Pudge was a darling too. I wanted to kidnap her as well.
I ♥ you Lexi.
Pudge is precious.
Pudge is concentrating so hard on one of these learning system-things.
Emo pose Pudge!
Princess pose Pudge!
Princess pose Lexi!
Le boyfriend Jason, on his phone (shame on him) at the table.
His dickwad (but cute) brother, Kevin.
What a bitchin' turkey. YUM.
Somebody please let PJ (the poodle in the window) have some turkey. Please?
Damnit, Poppy, stop watching the Rocketts!
The goofiest/ugly picture of me, but I'm digging the Spongebob crown that I got to wear. Thanks Poppy!
FatKid (radio personality for my favorite alternative station 99X) getting the crap kicked out of him because he dressed up like a turkey. You had to pull off the most feathers on his costume and if you did, you won a keg.
More of FatKid.
Go Gwinnett Gladiators! That's Maximus, the mascot.
Maximus again.
Beautiful fight, sorry that it's blurry... asked the wee sister to take the picture while I was yelling (she had a better view). It was awesome. I ♥ hockey.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

♥ Hope
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