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OMGZ I'm new

1. name-- Patrice
2. age--Fourteen
3. location--New Hampshire
4. 10 + bands-- Coheed and Cambria, Thursday, Glassjaw, My Chemical Romance, Our Last Summer, Kudos To Riley, Silverstein, The Stills, Interpol, Straylight Run
5. what makes you "preppy x core" material?-- I wear my collar straight uppp...
6. something interesting about yourself-- I never learned how to whistle..
7. signifigant other [pic?]--blah, single
8. 3 books- Neuromancer, 100 strokes of the brush before bed, The weight of water
9. 4 movies- They lost everything, Elephant, FIGHT CLUB, The Butterfly Effect
10. why do you want to be here?-- I enjoy rating people.. a lot
11. why should we accept you?-- I'm honestttt like whoa
12. 4 + clear pictures--

1. preppy x core-- hotnesss
2. gay-- my older sister,(lesbian)
3. hotties-- super preppy boooooooys
4. love -- out there
5. sunglasses-- at night
6. ashlee simpson-- um...

1. song lyric && why?-- "Last night my teeth fell out like ivory type writer keys..." Its a nice similie
2. quote && why-- "They were wrong, so we drowned" its funny
3. way to express yourself-- Art! photography, painting
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