___left2wonder (___left2wonder) wrote in preppyxcore,

OMGZ im new.

1. name Ariel
2. age 14
3. location LA. California
4. 10 + bands Taking back sunday, greenday, sublime, the killers, my chemical romance, The postal service, Social D, The shins, Coldplay, Icubus, Jimmy Eat world.
5. what makes you "preppy x core" material? Becuase I sing out loud w/o caring whether or not someone is lidtening
6. something interesting about yourself I like to make collages, my room is basically one big collage.
7. signifigant other [pic?] none. unfortunately.
8. 3 books Gossip Girl, A - List, The Clique
9. 4 movies Garden State, Mean Girls, Sixteen Candles, The breakfast Club
10. why do you want to be here? So I can be cool enough to be in PreppyXCore
11. why should we accept you? Cuase im honest and i'll giv emy opinion and I'll help make banners. etc.
12. 4 + clear pictures

on the right.


1. preppy x core- One cool Community
2. gay- Pride.
3. hotties- Chad Micheal Murray, Adam Brody, Ashton, That guy from "Life as we know it" and basically everyone who works and models for A&f/Hollister
4. love- Want it.
5. sunglasses- Cool to where anywhere
6. ashlee simpson- uhmm better then jessica?

1. song lyric && why?"
So, we're talking forever
and you almost feel better
but, betters no excuse for tonight
you see, it's never bad enough
to just leave or give up
but, its never good enough to feel right"
Becuase i can relate to it.
2. quote && why there isnt one quote that i personally live by.
3. way to express yourself My Acting <---I know cliche right? Living in Los Angeles and acting? but i believe i have a talent and can express myself through it.
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